The Heck is the new sixties-influenced garage punk band from Henri Keefman. Henri was the preaching frontman of de Keefmen and the Miracle Men and is currently one half of the Sensational Second Cousins along with his, uh, second cousin.

Now he’s ‘back from the grave’ with The Heck, which is sonically a progression from the Keefmen. Henri’s pen has been working overtime popping out one stomper after another. Combining the same influences of his favourite bands as always: the Real Kids, the Remains, the Seeds, the Pagans, Dead Moon and the Reigning Sound. Since they are from the north of the Netherlands obviously also the Nederbeat influence remains very strong i.e. echoes of the Outsiders, Q65, and Cuby and the Blizzards can all be heard in Henri’s songs.

The Heck’s sound can be described as more wild than de Keefmen ever was. It’s definitely more straight in the face and punk influenced. Their live performance is extremely tight. The shows are always full of energy, at a high pace, hectic and mostly ending up with the band members somewhere in the crowd.

Henri Keefman – Vocals, guitar
René Katerbarg – Bass
Erik Berends – Drums

“Wanna hear more rock & roll – and that’s the main reason to head over to Groningen for Eurosonic – check out The Heck (rebirth of De Keefmen from Klazienaveen, sounds like: The Sonics, Reigning Sound), Excelsior-signing Mooon or the Rotterdam-based Iguana Death Cult.”

”The songs are played rapidly after one another and their energy is really contagious. Yeah, a show by The Heck is exactly what you want when attending a garagerock night!”
3voor12 Groningen

“The band is rock solid and plays garagerock of the kind we would like te hear more from and could take them to bigger stages!”

“The Heck is a solid band, despite the fact that the age of one year has yet to be met. A band with already a lot of nice songs and an own sound.”

“Rough sixties garage, but with reluctance and enough space for tension. Never getting bored. Better with every song. (…) In tightness, many people can learn a lot from them!!!”
Douwe Doorduin | Vera Downstage