Waiting In Line

A2 WHY?!
Releasedate: July 21 2017
Limited to 50 coloured vinyl and 50 black vinyl
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“‘Waiting In Line’ flops down, lands the right way up and surges with speed. (…) The Heck have much to offer, of that I have no doubt and my radar is erect and tingling – cor blimey missus!”

““Waiting in Line” is a bombastic A-side delivering raw power featuring Keefman wailing vocals and Berends’ crashing drums. At 1:42, the song is short, but packs enough punch to put you on your ass. This 7-inch is a robust introduction for The Heck and leaves you looking forward to the full length.”
Innocent Words

“The track is original punk rock at its sixties core, a roar of fiery melodies and hungry dynamics as raw and insatiable as they are skilfully entangled to bring the listener to their feet.”
The Ringmaster