Menno Pot – Volkskrant – Netherlands
“Incredibly tasty, howling, home-grown garage rock & roll: Who? The Heck!!!”

Manuel Graziani – Rumore magazine – Italy
“Sulmann sticks his neck out with The Heck and continues to pull the amplifiers, capable of playing ecumenical and vibrating passages of great class: I Won’t Change, Turn Me Loose, Do You Love Me?”

Chris K – Bananas Magazine – United States
“That Moon will soothe all that ails when it leaves you howlin’ for more”

Craig Barman – I94bar – Australia
“If garage rock is your poison, you’ll take to this like a member of the Dutch Royal Family attacks a bottle of Jenever”

Voix De Garage – France
“Their know-how as a composer places them in front of many other more or less famous groups: a very delightful album that you shouldn’t miss!”

RPM it’s a revolution – England
“Foot stomping garage punk rock where the amps are turned up to 10 and the band plays like it’s the last night on earth”

Rodrigo R. Herrera – Musica Inclasificable – Mexico
“Like a drink in the middle of the desert, the record is on the English label Dirty Water Records: as refreshing as needed!”

Barry Hofstede – De Kettingzaag – Netherlands
“Rocking needs to be done, goddammit. And that’s what they do!”

Jan Kooi – Elpee Groningen –  Netherlands
“Good raw sixties garage punk, with good vigorously vocals spit out by Henri Keefmen and good compositions too, perhaps a few of his strongest yet”

Gecko – Metronome – England
“The hippest Dutchmen in the last 50 years are back on the Dirty Water label giving themselves aneurysms sautéed on a bed of 3 chord guitar with their cool new full length”